General Info

  • We were a team of 15 making the game

  • Developed in 10 weeks half-time

What I did on the project

Game Design

I focused a lot on the combat design in this game. The three main pillars of the combat was player movement, the shotgun and the enemies.

Since we wanted the player to dodge and weave between enemies and their projectiles the movement was very important. I scripted and tweaked the jump with coyote time and the ground and air movement of the player.

The shotgun is the main tool of the player and is constantly used during the game, so it had to be satisfying to use. While collaborating with the animators I adjusted the reload timing, delay between shots and ammo. With 2 shots in the chamber and an automatic reload a satisfying 3-beat rhythm of shooting twice and then reloading emerges in combat, similar to a rhythm game.

I was in close collaboration with the programmers and animators in charge of the AI. Together we made sure the enemies were flexible to use in different scenarios and fun to fight against.

Level Design

I was part of the development of the level from paper design to the finished product.

I made sure the pacing was on point, kept scenic views in mind and made sure to have an interesting escalation and climax in the level.

I scripted a number of cinematic events collaborating with all other disciplines in the team.

I put together most of the combat scenarios in the game, and designed with high grounds, sight-lines and waypoints in mind.

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