2d Platformer:


Nominee in three categories:

  • Game of the Year

  • Best Execution in Design

  • Best Execution in Art

What I did on the project

Level Design

As a Level Designer it was my job to create as many interesting scenarios as I could with the features we had, while constantly keeping introduction and development for the features in mind. I thought of the flow in the level and pacing so as to not exhaust the player.

We wanted the difficulty of the game to cater to a wider audience, so we riddled the level with lots of optional challenges. It was important to show to the player what was the main path and what was the challenge. This was hinted on with collectibles and, if possible, trying to show the entry and exit of the challenge on the same screen.

Game Design

As a team we decided early-on to have a low scope on the game. To accomplish this I prioritized low cost & high value when adding a feature to the game.

Low cost meaning it's easy to implement, not taking too much work from the other disciplines. And High value, meaning the feature can be used in a variety of ways, and having good synergy with the other features.

Gameplay Feature Introduction Sheet;

I made an overview of when and what gets introduced to make sure the sense of exploration and discovery in the game is maintained.

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