When I was younger I wrongly believed that all game developers did at work was scratching game discs by hand. And this still didn't stop me from wanting to become a game developer.

I think I've learnt a lot since then but my passion stays the same.

About me

I'm Noel Toivio and I'm a level designer / game designer currently looking for an internship.

During the 2 years as a student at The Game Assembly I learnt to work with a group on a tight schedule using scrum, and have so far released 7 games. I learnt how to realistically set up goals, plan ahead and to deliver on deadlines.

I became familiar with Unreal Engine and Unity as a tool for prototyping, level designing and scripting, and also used and helped develop our own in-house engine. 

I'm a driven and enthusiastic person at heart. I love improving and challenging myself to always become better in areas I lack in. I'm not only engaged in game and level design but all parts of the development as a whole. I like asking questions and I rarely find myself in the background, which tends to make me feel more connected to the team.

I'd love to meet up!



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